Dr. ShoughDear Parents and Families,
At the end of our first week of school closures, I am heartened by the incredible response from our teachers, support staff and administrators, and perhaps most of all, our students and their families. Despite the vast issues caused by the Coronavirus and the necessity to close our schools, everyone has pulled together this week in amazing ways. 

While there are still many unanswered questions on how we will go forward, what cannot be questioned is the passion and commitment we all share for children. At the end of Week One, I am grateful for many things, including our legislators who have listened to our needs and concerns and are now working on legislation to address key obstacles for districts like Liberty Elementary.

I am delighted by the initiative and eagerness of our teachers to explore new ways to facilitate learning and communicate with one another. I am humbled by the selfless support staff who continue to provide essential services to your families, like delivering meals to children in the community. And I am inspired by our students, who are already sharing with us what they are learning from their homes. 
While the challenges school closures have brought have been significant, there will absolutely be a silver-lining left when school eventually resumes. I am picturing how our parent-to-school connection will be stronger than ever before; our teachers will be equipped with new communication skills learned by using technology to communicate and collaborate in new ways; and our district will be even more sharply-focused on the precise things that contribute the most to student learning.

I know there will be many lessons learned going forward, but like all of you, today I choose to celebrate the things that fill me with hope. In the coming weeks, we will share with you highlights of innovation and celebration about how we are working to support your children's learning from a distance. 

We are actively seeking feedback on our communication and connections with families. We will continue to communicate and respond quickly to the fast-moving environment. As we all hunker down, please be well!

Lori Shough, Ed.D