Future Planning


The Governing Board approved new attendance boundaries for Blue Horizons Elementary and Liberty Elementary. Changes will impact families in the current Liberty Elementary School attendance area who live north of the Roosevelt Canal.

The Governing Board also approved a two-year phase in for students. K-5 students will attend Blue Horizons starting August 2021, and enrollment will be expanded to include students in K-8th grades in August 2022. Students in 6th-8th grade will continue enrollment at Liberty Elementary School, with transportation.

Families in the Blue Horizons attendance area, who wish their children to continue enrollment at Liberty Elementary, should complete an open enrollment application for each child in K-5. Open enrollment applications are accepted and will be approved as space is available. Preference is given by the date of open enrollment application.

Scenario C


Guiding Principles for Boundary Decisions:

  • Move newer and growing communities before long established communities at a school
  • Keep neighborhoods within the same high school boundaries
  • Keep neighborhood communities together
  • Minimize length of time on the bus or travel time to school
  • Avoid moving students more than one time with boundary changes
  • Maintain community school sizes
  • Impact the least amount of families

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Commitee Work

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