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Understanding Arizona’s open enrollment process and how it works can be confusing. Since Arizona is an open enrollment state, this allows parents to apply for admission to any public school, as long as there is classroom space available. 

Parents choose to open enroll their child in another school or school district for a variety of different reasons such as the program offerings, the teaching philosophy, extracurricular activities or a closer proximity to work.

The Liberty Elementary School District has an open-enrollment program as set forth in ARS15-816 et seq. District resident students may enroll in another school district or in another school within this District. Resident transfer students and nonresident students may enroll in schools with this District, subject to the procedures that follow:

  • An individual application must be filled out completely for each student.
  • An Open Enrollment application is approved for one school year only. A new Open Enrollment application must be submitted each year for consideration.
  • Open Enrollment approval is based on student enrollment at each school, grade, and special program along with parent and student compliance to the Parent/Student Open Enrollment Agreement.
  • Returning student’s Open Enrollment application(s) must be received by March 15th of the current school year for next school year placement decisions.
  • Open Enrollment decisions will be emailed to the email address provided no later than April 1st.
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian.

**Please note.....This online Open Enrollment Application is ONLY for families that wish to attend a school in our district that is not their home school (whether you live outside our district boundaries or you want to switch schools within our boundaries).  If you wish to register your child to attend your home school (the school in your neighborhood), you will want to fill out the registration which can be found here.

If you are not currently open enrolled in the Liberty Elementary School District, use the link below to complete an application. If you do not have access to a device with internet service, you may go to any of the District's schools or to the District Office, 19871 West Fremont Road, Buckeye, AZ, to apply online.

Open Enrollment Application - 2021-2022 School Year

If you you have any questions regarding the Open Enrollment process, please contact Cindi Peterson at