Good Instruction for Gifted Students

1. Good instruction for gifted learners begins with good curriculum and instruction.

  * Gifted students, like all students, require rich learning experiences.

2. Good instruction for gifted learners is faster paced in response to individual needs.

  * Often gifted individuals learn more quickly, with less repetition.

  *Gifted students need learning experiences that are relevant to their lives and organized by larger disciplines, not just a list of facts.

3. Good instruction for gifted learners happens at a higher degree of difficulty than for many students their age.

  * A high degree of difficulty for gifted learners means that their content, process, and products are more complex, more abstract, more open-ended, and more multi-faceted than their peers.

4. Good instruction for gifted learners requires a certain amount of risk.

  *Many gifted learners find school easy, therefore they opt to take the easy road. A teacher of gifted students insists on academic risk taking, but with a support system in place.

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