Liberty District #25

 Mentor Program

  Arizona Master Teacher Recognition Ceremony 2009  

   "Building A Community of Teachers and Learners"

  The mission of the Liberty Elementary School District Mentor Program is to retain quality teachers through support, collaboration, and professional development, thereby, impacting student achievement.



Current District Mentors

Donna Fitzgerald

Donna is currently seeking her Doctorate degree in Instructional Leadership through Argosy University.  She has a Master's in Instructional Leadership and has been recognized by the state of Arizona as a Master Teacher (2008).  Mrs. Fitzgerald has served as an administrator, as a Mentor Teacher, and a classroom teacher within Liberty District the past nine years.  Donna is most energized when applying her array of knowledge, skills and experiences to assist others in the education profession.

Arizona Master Teachers

Katey Miller

Katey obtained a Master's in Educational Leadership from NAU (2009).  She has been recognized by the State of Arizona as a Master Mentor Teacher (2009) and a  Master Teacher (2008).  She has worked closely with 15-25 teachers a year for the past five years as a full time Mentor.  Prior to mentoring, she taught ten years as a classroom teacher with grades K, 1st, 5th, and a 4th/5th Combo within Liberty District.  Mrs. Miller is most energized when collaborating with teachers and facilitating professional development opportunities.

Phil Reynolds

Phil is currently seeking a Master's in Educational Leadership through NAU.  He has been recognized by the State of Arizona as Teacher of the Year (2009) and a Master Teacher (2008).  He has diverse experience teaching primary grade students as well as middle school students in the Liberty District.  Mr. Reynolds is energized when working with teachers and sharing his expertise on implementing best teaching practices for student achievement.


Contact Information

Donna Fitzgerald:  dfitzgerald@liberty.k12.az.us

Katey Miller:  kmiller@liberty.k12.az.us

Phil Reynolds:  preynolds@liberty.k12.az.us