Welcome to the Technology Department

Our goal is to support the staff, faculty, students, and visitors in the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and integration of technology throughout the district.

Members of the technology department include:

Barbara Bever - Registrar bbever@liberty.k12.az.us

Sal Carbajal - Field Support Technician II scarbajal@liberty.k12.az.us 

Shane Darr - Director of Technology Services  sdarr@liberty.k12.az.us

Lawrence DeMoise - Junior Network Administrator ldemoise@liberty.k12.az.us

Steven McCoy - Field Support Technician I smccoy@liberty.k12.az.us

Eloise Munoz - SAIS Data Analyst emunoz@liberty.k12.az.us

Robert Reinhard - Senior Network Administrator rreinhard@liberty.k12.az.us

Loretta Zumbro - Technology Integration Specialist lzumbro@liberty.k12.az.us

Contact the Technology Department at (623) 474-6685

The Technology Department at Liberty Elementary School District supports a variety of technologies throughout the district.  Each classroom has at least one computer connected to the local area network as well as the wide area network (other campuses within the district) and the internet.  All classrooms have the ability to print to a network/shared printer and display content via ceiling mounted projector.

Our internet connection is filtered using our district firewall.  The filtering occurs in order for the district to be CIPA ( Children's Internet Protection Act ) compliant.

Liberty Elementary School District uses Microsoft Office as its productivity software both in the classroom and within administrative offices.  Within the classroom, a variety of educational software is used to enhance classroom instruction and reinforce student skills.

Our latest technology introduction has been SMARTBoards, projectors and student response systems.  Since 2007, Liberty Elementary School District has installed this technology in over 60% of its classrooms and made this technology available through checkout in every library.  The SMARTBoards and airliners come from SMARTTech - http://www.smarttech.com The projectors are from Epson and are model 83c, 83+, 84 and 84+.  The student response systems are from Turning Technologies - http://www.turningtechnologies.com and are the student and staff favorites!

We are very excited about the new technology in our classrooms and look forward to bringing this technology into even more classrooms!