Governing Board
 Mr. Paul Jensen, President
  Mr. Jensen
Philosophy on Education:
"I believe it is critical for our children to learn how to learn.  The better they understand how the world works, the history of our nation/world and what opportunities they have as they grow up, the richer their lives and the community will be.  They will be the leaders in just a few short years.  A society continues to build as lessons are learned from the past along with an appreciation of what has been done for them.  It is important for every child to learn the fundamentals at a young age when their excitement for learning is high.  That excitement should be cultivated so the love of learning will continue on with them as they grow.  Children need to be empowered with the knowledge that they are in control of their destiny. 

I believe that parents are a critical part of their children's education.  Parents can be the biggest influence in their children's education by encouraging them in all aspects of learning, both by reinforcing what is learned at school, and offering life lessons and continued love of learning at home (this is more than making sure the homework gets done).  The more parents are involved in their children's education the more opportunities the children will have.  The school should do what they can to encourage and invite parent participation.

I believe that the key to a quality education system is the teacher.  The school should support teachers in the classroom.  As teachers are able to focus on the classroom and exciting the students, learning is enhanced.  Teachers should be afforded the opportunity to refine and enhance their teaching skills through training and collaboration without placing unrealistic demands that put pressure on the teacher in ways that hinder the learning environment."

Term Expires:  December 2020
 Mr. Thad McCloud, Board Member
  Mr. McCloud
Philosophy on Education: 
"I believe that public education is vital to America’s future and that every child should have the opportunity to receive a quality education.  I believe that educating our children is a team approach between the children, parents, educators, administrators, community, and the Governing Board.  I believe parents are an essential part of this team and must be an active participant in their child’s education.  I believe parents, and other members of the community, should take a proactive role in the future of our school district by providing appropriate feedback to the administrators and school board.  As a member of the school board it is my duty to take the necessary steps to ensure that we provide the educational needs of our students and community today, and for the future."

Term Expires:  December 2020
Mrs. Kathy McNamara, Board Member
Philosophy on Education:

Term Expires:  December 2018   
  Mrs. Regina Simmons, Member  
  Ms. Simmons
Philosophy on Education:
I believe that all children can learn and educational programs should provide the support to assist them in meeting their educational goals. Students should have an educational environment that includes a safe, respectful atmosphere that invites effort and active participation. Integration of scholastic and social collaborative aspects to reinforce student’s prior knowledge and support new learning is essential for each and every student in achieving personal potential. This potential includes community contributions and skills that are required to be successful in life-long learning to accomplish individual goals.

Term Expires:  December 2018 
TBA, Board Member

Philosophy on Education:

Term Expires:  December 2018